Ultimate Update

Real World Trading Insight

Money Conversation prides itself on giving you access to the very best people and the very best information available. We have direct access to some of the best performing Hedge Fund managers globally, and even some past and present Central Bankers.

Ultimate Update is your access to the daily actions ALL of our information and insights distill down to.

Each day you will receive:

  • Our current overall market view; Bullish, Bearish or Neutral... and Why.
  • Our current live positions; where we got in and why.
  • Our current prospective positions - those we are monitoring LIVE.... these are the positions we anticipate trading evening before they are traded.

So how is this different to receiving the trades through your Live Trader or Portfolio Plus membership?

Well, the membership to Ultimate Update is capped at 500 - world-wide. This is done for a few reasons.

The Ultimate Update includes information on ALL the positions we are monitoring, including those that may not make the Money Conversation recommendations (due to existing positions, or the market capitalisation of the stock being too low).

Also, through Live Trader and Portfolio Plus we do not pyramid, or scale into positions - instead we take the position once. For more advanced traders and investors, the ability to see when we are adding to existing positions, as they continue to advance in our favour, is priceless.


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