What is Money Conversation?

Money Conversation is an unfiltered way of looking at capital markets and psychology - finding your path to the creation and protection of wealth in the modern era. We see to provide answers to:

  • How do you create an Income in a zero interest rate environment?
  • How do you create Wealth in the asset markets?
  • How do you Preserve Wealth?

We are witnessing a change in the structure in the way that world works.

Today we all feel the constant bombardment of news detailing the disintegrating social vibe that we are forced to live with on a daily basis. Wars, banking crises, sovereign debt crises, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

This vibe really describes the underlying social mood that has been building for more than 11 years now. With a change in social mood, there is also a change in the 'money conversation'.

It is even more crucial in these times to step away, turn off the noise, and begin to listen to the market. To step away and listen to how the 'money conversation' is changing. To anticipate how these changes will affect asset prices, and to act. Changes in the 'money conversation' produce changes in asset prices as investors begin to express these changes with the buying and/or selling of assets. By anticipating this change, we seek to anticipate, prepare for, and take advantage of price changes.

Never before in our lifetimes has the importance of anticipating changes in the 'money conversation' been so great; nor have the repercussions of getting these changes wrong (or assuming nothing will change) been so dire.

What we must recognize today is what worked in the past tends to no longer work. In fact, many of the things that worked previously, now work in reverse. Meaning, the results of these actions not only carry a host of unintended consequences but they also actually produce the opposite of what we would expect based on previous experience.